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All our Kraft Paper products are made from eco-friendly materials and use energy-efficient processes and equipment. They are available in a wide range of grammage and a variety of colours.

Parameters Value / Range
Trimmed Deckle 315 CM
Grammage 120 to 250
Bursting Factor(BF) 18 to 24
Moisture 6-7%
RCT/ECT Values As Per Standard Specification
COBB Value As Per Standard Specification

Paper Bag

Our kraft paper is best suited for the production of shopping bags, grocery bags, SOS bags and pouches. Our paper is a MF Carryline grade with GSM ranging from 60 – 130 GSM with a very good mechanical strength. We have options for paper in sheets and with wet strength as well.

Ream Wrapping Paper

Our brown kraft paper is used extensively for wrapping of paper reels or paper board sheets which requires a high strength paper due to its packaging processes. Our unique feature of high strength to weight ratio allows the usage of up to 70GSM paper for the sheet wrappings, help provide a much more wrapping of paper against its weight. We have the provision to provide the paper in sheets and reels.

Corrugated Box Paper

Our paper is ideally concepted to replace a higher GSM paper to a lower GSM paper while maintaining its strength properties. We, instead of calling our paper for Fluting medium or Testliner paper, would like to introduce it as a solution to the market with High strength, lower GSM paper with an excellent runnability of the paper. It will help in good stiffness and high strength to weight ratio boxes. We can also supply paper with wet repellence properties for box manufacturing for refrigerated products. So our paper will be capable of not losing its properties at the extreme low temperatures as well at the time of transportation of food items, fishes etc.

Fluting paper

Fluted paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be supplied individually as a type of protective packaging. It provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case and providing a cushioning effect for the primary product.

Test Liner Paper

Testliner is a recycled base liner board for container board. The products consist of three layers. It is used for the inner and outer layers (face paper) of carton boxes, and is divided into three quality grades: LH, LE, and LF.